KashBackShop.com- Simple Cash Back from Everyday Online Purchases

KashBackShop.com offers a simple way to earn
cash back from everyday online purchases.

To earn cash back



Step 1

Simply fill in a PayPal email address to which the cash back should be sent in the box above, confirm the address, then click 'set' (or press enter).

Step 2

Click on a store's link anywhere on this website. A window will open and you may shop as you would normally.

That’s all!

You’ll receive cash back of up to 18% directly to your PayPal account, between the 1st and 10th of the fourth month following shipment of the order. (For example, an order shipped on January 15 would receive cash back between May 1st and 10th.)


* For

Amazon.com (currently unavailable)



, there is a short form to fill out. Please follow instructions on the form.

Important note:

To receive cashback from a purchase at a store listed, the transaction/s must be completed during the same session, immediately following a click on the store’s link. Any intervening event will result in KashBackShop.com’s inability to provide cash back. An intervening event includes, but is not limited to, the user being disconnected from the internet; the user closing his or her web browser prior to completing the transaction; reopening the store's website not through a link on KashBackShop.com; or any other event which causes an interruption to a session.

If you have placed an order after a direct click on a link on this website, and it is past the 10th day of the fourth month following the order and you have not received cash back to the PayPal email address entered, please contact SUPPORT here.




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